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Job description:

We are dynamic developing company. The number of services we offer to our

clients is constantly growing. We invite to the company only reliable and

active people. And we realize that our company is always in the top list

of business only due to our creative and diligent personnel. The vacancy

doesn't require any special or additional knowledge; all you need is a

full age (over 21), computer at home, responsibility and being ready to

work any time. There are many advantages in work for our company.

- You work at home.

It is convenient for young mothers and those who need or want to stay at home

and work in your cozy bed.

- The size of your salary depends on your efforts.

Your salary is paid every month and consists of a stable wage and percent from

all transaction you did during the month.

- You can start work without any additional money paid.

You don't need to buy any additional equipment from us, but wise a versa we pay

you a salary.

- You are not required to receive additional training

We don't ask you to visit any long-term courses or any other kind of training.

You will be taught everything you need by your manager during the work.

To get a detail description of the work and its payment,

send a CV on our additional e-mail address: StanB.HR@gmail.com

Our manager will contact to you during 3-7 days.

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