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Transport rent-a-car

1. Autonom Rent a Car Galati

Autonom Rent a Car Galati

Localizare: Str. Calea Brailei, nr.134

Contact: Tel: +(4)0236.477.377 Fax: +(4)0236.477.377 Mobil: +(4)0743.900.700 galati@autonom.ro

2. Samatax


Localizare: Galati, Str. Tecuci nr. 46

Contact: Telefon: 0236 458 666, 0236 327 822

3. Autotrans Gabri SRL

Autotrans Gabri SRL

Localizare: Galati, Bd. Siderurgistilor nr. 5, bl. PS1A, sc. 2, ap. 11

Contact: Telefon: 0740 469 349

4. Taxi As

Taxi As

Localizare: Galati, Str. Kogalniceanu Mihail nr. 16

Contact: Telefon: 0744 163 663, 0236 940

5. Automaxim


Localizare: Galati, Bd. Dunarea nr. 21, bl. A12B, ap. 61

Contact: Telefon: 0728 001 048

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